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Destination wedding photographer. As a Miami based wedding photographer for many years now. It’s always a privilege To be able to travel to Italy, Tuscany for high-end destination wedding photography. There has always been something so special about destination wedding photography!!  It’s so important the branding of your destination wedding photography business. It’s always a tough call when I get these beautiful destination weddings and I have to reach out to a few Photographer friends of mine to invite. This remarkable stunning bridal dress is from none other than Ines Di Santo. I have been very blessed and fortunate to be able to capture these beautiful days for these beautiful brides in Italy and all around the world as a destination wedding photographer. It’s always the best when I get a phone call from a weird number knowing it’s from Europe if I’m available for a certain date or day and they love my work I’m complemented I mean it’s just such a great feeling to be invited to beautiful countries for destination weddings. Important enough as a Miami wedding photographer I’m always in top of technology world for camera gear lenses anything that can help me photograph and capture the day much better easier and more accurate. Wedding photography gear that I use is all Nikon pro gear and Fujifilm pro gear. Below are a few photographs taken at eight Italy Tuscany destination wedding I did a while back. I’ve always been a huge fan of black and white fine art photography. Again enjoy a few Italy, Tuscany wedding photography captures… Fine art photographer… Goodtimes

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Miami Wedding Photography – Nikon D5: I’ve been lucky to be photographing Miami weddings and destination weddings all over the world!! The New Nikon D5 pro body is just the best…  Nikon D5 in low light is just so amazing and sharp with it’s high ISO.  As a Miami top wedding photographer I feel it’s very important to be using the best wedding photography camera gear. When it comes to Miami wedding photography Nikon d5 is a beast!!  In my Miami wedding photography workshops I always say having the best photography gear makes all the difference in the world. Having professional wedding photography gear is important but as important is knowing your gear inside out!! As a based Miami wedding photographer I have always been so happy with Nikon pro gear. I’ve been an NPS Nikon member for the longest time now and love it… Below is a cool Nikon D5 promo video showing a info and specs on New Nikon D5. Again for wedding photography i feel it’s the best… Miami wedding photographers, Fine art wedding photography… Goodtimes

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National Hotel Miami New Year’s Eve Wedding Photography. On New Year’s Eve I had the pleasure to photograph a National Hotel Miami Beach wedding. Creedence and Mark were such a class act couple. There are many wedding bridal dresses but one of the most popular is Ines Di Santo, and it was stunning!! Miami wedding photographers just love high end bridal dresses Ines Di Santo. Beautiful National Hotel wedding with great guest flying in from all over the country for their National Hotel wedding on Miami Beach. Beautiful details and flowers by Ines Naftali Floral & Event Design. First off I have to say the entire National Hotel staff were so so professional incredible to work with!! As a Miami wedding photographer this National Hotel stunning wedding felt like a destination wedding, it was awesome… Miami wedding photographer must wedding venue place to photograph on Miami Beach National Hotel. Below are a few wedding photography photos from the National Hotel. Fine Art Photography… Goodtimes


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National Hotel Miami New Year’s Eve Wedding Photography

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Aerial Photography Montage Kapalua Bay Hotel. Had the pleasure of capturing such a beautiful destination celebrity wedding at the Montage Maui Hotel. With just a little free time I captured a few Aerial Drone Photography photos. I’ve been wanting to capture the legenary Maui Cliff House located on Montage property for a long time. I been using the Dji Inspire 1v2. It was super tough on the Inspire 1 drone cause it was crazy windy!! Being a Miami wedding photographer destination weddings to these incredible wedding locations are always a blessing. I was about 1200-1400 feet in the air windy and all. Kapalua Montage Hotel from the sky is just breath taking!! Huge thank you to Montage Maui’s incredible professional staff. 5 Star in everyway. Enjoy these Aerial photos from Montage Kapalua Bay Hotel. As a Destination Wedding Photographer Maui is always a must. Fine Art Photography, Wedding Photography Montage Maui Hotel… Goodtimes


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