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One on One Photography For Wedding Photographers 

With so so many Miami and destination wedding Photographers almost every day all over the world!!  If your a Miami wedding photographer flying in to the Miami area and wanting to learn about the Wedding Photography side this is for you!! I am a Miami based wedding photographer. Fine art photography is my passion, lets start shooting… If you have ever been wanting to learn the ins and outs of industry / becoming wedding photographer it starts here.  Iv’e been capturing fine art photography weddings for a very long time now and so blessed. There is so much to learn  about the wedding photography industry and I can help. Doesn’t matter if you shoot with Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Leica, or even film photography I can majorly tune you up. I will be teaching you about adding fashion photography into your wedding photographer bag of tricks. If you are seriously ready to learn all there is about becoming the next Miami fine art wedding photographer shoot me an email…  Miami Fine Art Photography

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Miami Wedding Photographer | Workshop


Dead on Exposure / One on One Workshop!

Know your camera inside out.

Exposure is everything!

What to bring:

Get ready for a little brain frying


All your photo gear

Warm smile 

All your questions

 We will be going over:

 * Your Exposure

* Equipment & Settings 

* White balance

* Kelvin Temperature

* Lighting & Composition

* Nail the important shots from the start not in Photoshop

* Raw / JPEG??

* Shooting in Manual

* Confidence in your shooting

* The little things that we overlook about shooting

* Flash Tips

* Pricing

* Album Design : Best look & what’s in

* What’s Hot & What’s Not for your Website & Blog

* Pro Work Critique

* Being Ready for Wedding day 

* Photographing “Timeless images”

* Pro sports / lifstyle shoot

* Fees: $10,000 includes shooting a wedding with me

* Fees: $5,000 full day One on One 

* Location: Miami or Travel 

* Email me for further details


Miami Wedding Photography | Fine Art Wedding Photography

Miami Wedding Photography – Nikon D5: I’ve been lucky to be photographing Miami weddings and destination weddings all over the world!! The New Nikon D5 pro body is just the best…  Nikon D5 in low light is just so amazing and sharp with it’s high ISO.  As a Miami top wedding photographer I feel it’s very important to be using the best wedding photography camera gear. When it comes to Miami wedding photography Nikon d5 is a beast!!  In my Miami wedding photography workshops I always say having the best photography gear makes all the difference in the world. Having professional wedding photography gear is important but as important is knowing your gear inside out!! As a based Miami wedding photographer I have always been so happy with Nikon pro gear. I’ve been an NPS Nikon member for the longest time now and love it… Below is a cool Nikon D5 promo video showing a info and specs on New Nikon D5. Again for wedding photography i feel it’s the best… Miami wedding photographers, Fine art wedding photography… Goodtimes

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Miami First Communion Photography | Kids Miami Communion Photographer

Miami First Communion Kids Photography. Had a blast with Mari and little stud Lucas photographing his Communion photos. With some time off during the week with wedding photography we made time for Communion photography. Lucas was a stud Mari had him looking sharp for his Communion photography photos. Miami kids communion photographer. Enjoy a few communion photography shots below of Lucas captured at the beautiful Epiphany Church in South Miami. Epiphany Church has always been known for having stunning weddings. As a Miami wedding photographer It’s always an awesome time capturing weddings here. Fine art wedding photography… Goodtimes

miami communion photography

Miami Communion Photography


Miami First communion photography


Miami Communion Kids Photographer


Wedding Villa Casa Casuarina | Versace Mansion Wedding Photographer

Miami wedding Photography: Wedding at The Villa Casa Casuarina formally the Versace Mansion has always been a stunning wedding venue. Weddings at the Versace Mansion have always been classic South Beach weddings. Sharon’s beautiful bridal dress designer was Paolo Sebastian  I had such a great time capturing Sharon and Manik’s private stunning wedding. Miami wedding photographer. This beautiful couple with their timeless wedding story came all the way from down under, Australia… As a Miami wedding photographer it’s always a great wedding venue to capture beautiful weddings… I will always remember this special Miami Beach wedding!! Natural light all day long at Villa Casa Casuarina. Miami wedding photography, Fine Art Wedding Photography… #miamiweddingphotography  Goodtimes


Versace Mansion Miami Beach Wedding


Versace Mansion Wedding Photography


The Villa Casa Casuarina wedding


Versace Mansion Wedding Photographer


Versace Mansion Wedding


Villa Casa Casuarina Wedding Photography


Villa Casa Casuarina Wedding


Miami Beach Villa Casa Casuarina wedding


Versace Mansion Wedding Photographers