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LEICA M9 REVIEW First I would like to say major congrats to Ani & Gonzo!!  Thank you for having me as your wedding photographer here in chilly Miami Fl…Lol… Now about the LEICA M9!!!!  I was hanging at the super cool brand new LEICA Store Miami on 372 Miracle Mile, testing out their top of the line Leica  camera gear plus “sick” lenses!! I was testing a new Leica M9 when Peter one of the Leica Reps their took a photo of my ugly mug shot, lol in Raw, I said take another in jpeg because thats how I shoot, when I got back to my studio and I saw the jpeg files I was blown away in the sharpness!! Now that is why Leica Glass Co$t what it does!! A combination of Leica camera & crazy sharp lenses how could you wrong. That being said this type of gear is not for everyone!! First off the Leica M9 “if” you can find a body starts at about $7000.00 not including any lenses or anything. Just like your pro Nikon / Canon bodies… Then their Lenses, this can set you back big time if you go crazy with their 1.4 or faster lenses!! So I have only 3 Leica lenses, for now!! Lol The mind blowing Leica Summilux-M 50 mm f/1.4 ASPH the almost impossible to find Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH & for some wide shots the Leica Elmar-M 24 mm f/3.8 ASPH. These lenses should hold me up for now… How can I describe the look of the photographs shot with the Leica Camera bodies and lenses / closest look & feel to film strait out from a digital camera… If you can nail your exposure & kelvin temperature strait from this camera you will being capturing magic!! The Leica M9 camera makes me feel like it’s a part of me and it helps me see fine art documentary photography in a very special way. If there is anything that you guys are looking for Leica wise please check out Leica Store Miami and speak with Peter / Kristen / Josh / or owner David, class act people… Whether you’re doing wedding photography in Miami Florida or you’re a wedding photographer in New York city or any other state for that matter it’s always fast paced, the Leica M9 makes you take 2 steps back and see things in a special way, this reminds me when I use to shoot for AP/ Associated Press one shot at a time… Remember the M9 & Leica M Monochrom bodies are all Manual focus. So your not going to be snapping away like shooting with DSLR cameras… One shot at a time!!! I have my 2nd and 3rd celeb wedding coming this month so I will be posting more photographs from my Leica cameras… Trying out the new Leica M Monochrom  b/w “ONLY” sick 10,000 ISO!! They say it is by far the best “BLACK & WHITE” camera out!! Here are a couple photographs from Ani & Gonzo’s Miami wedding  %100 NO Photoshop in these photos and they are sized down to only 72 dpi… They just don’t have that digital look!! Which is pretty cool I think…  Great resources on Leica  LEICA, MAGNUM PHOTOS, LFI,  S-MAGAZINERED DOT FORUM STEVE HUFF PHOTO , DIGLLOYDDAVID FARKAS BLOGTAO of LEICA ,  LEICA STORE MIAMI. Fine art wedding photography… Goodtimes