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REVIEW NIKON D5 PRO CAMERA: Testing out the new NIKON D5 camera at a Miami Marlins  New York Yankee  MLB game. Little time off from Miami Wedding Photography, and had the pleasure of photographing the New York Yankees vs Miami Marlins. So all of these photos are from my new Nikon D5 with Nikon 200-500 f5.6 lens… Sick camera gear combination for sports photography. Again this is the first time I take my Nikon 200-500 f5.6 out to use in sports!! It’s a little slower focusing then my 200-400 f4. Ok lighting was tough at the Marlins Park cause the roof was open so a few different light temperatures going on. A lot of the photographers were complaining a bit not in a bad way just had to work a little harder that’s all. The new Nikon D5 is super quick and love the camera response!! If you have a nikon D4s and are thinking of upgrading It’s a bit of $$ you have to fork out!! The new Nikon D5 is worth th upgrade just cause of it’s ISO!! Remember everyone’s diferent so Take it for a spin and you also maybe sold!! I am a natural light photographer!! The ISO sold me!! If you have a D4 or D4s you should be fine unless you care about ISO!! It also has 4k video and a bunch more things.  Photographers were loving the new touch screen on the back lcd. Nikon D5’s  focusing is fast!! Below are a few MLB Marlins vs Yankee game photos strait out of camera… High jpegs, files were about 10-12 megs per, give or take. Nikon D5 felt great in my hands just like the D4s. Again this camera is much faster in every way next to the older Nikon D4s. Still playing with it!! I will be photographing again Yankee vs Marlins game and I will be using my Nikon 200-400 f4 lens. Lets see what I can capture in tomorrow’s MLB game. Again this is not a heavy duty review, just going over little things about the Nikon D5 pro body camera. It’s about 1:30am so I’m hitting the sack now 🙂 Fine Art Wedding Photography… Goodtimes

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Jun 15, 2012
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When ever I am not away photographing a destination or local South Florida Miami wedding and there is a great sporting event going on I’m there!! This week The BOSTON REDSOX MLB Baseball team were in town playing against our MIAMI MARLINS… Check out some of my fun shots, below are about 50 different spots I shot from. Shooting sports is super fun and challenging but you do have to move around a lot to get different angles and cool shots. It was great hanging with the ESPN crew… Always great seeing my old AP / Associated Press photographer friends. More photography pics coming soon… Goodtimes

miami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins photos miami marlins baseball photos

miami marlins baseball photos


A couple of weeks ago was invited to photograph The Miami Marlins home opener against the St. Louis Cardinals! What an awesome crowd and game it was… This MLB game was during the week so no wedding photography going on, I said lets do it. There were so many photographers from all over the country and old AP/The Associated Press friends what a blast. Here are just a few photographs from the night. Again big thanks to good friend Rob for everything. Btw most photographs were taken with my Nikon 300mm 2.8…  Goodtimes

miami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photosmiami marlins baseball photos