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As a Miami wedding photographer traveling the world, it’s a tough job at times. Many local Miami wedding photographers don’t get to travel often for destination wedding photography and a lot don’t care to because it’s a hard job at times. It’s a lot of fun and also challenging to travel to beautiful wedding venues from state to state and different Countries. If you’re not used to doing destination weddings it can become very hard and difficult on a wedding photographer. There’s a lot involved as a destination wedding photographer. Below is a little Montage Bay Kapalua in Maui Hawaii aerial video. I captured this Montage Bay Maui aerial video with my Dji Inspire 1 V2.0 drone. The Montage bay located in Maui is such a stunning destination wedding venue incredible for wedding photography.  Again aerial drone photography is something you could have a lot of fun with enjoy the little aerial video clip below from the Montage Bay resort Maui.  

Here are a few aerial photography photos from my Kapalua Montage Bay destination wedding. Local Miami wedding photographers will feel at home here at Montage Bay Maui, beautiful weather and colors.

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Miami wedding Invitations all hand-made by Letterpress Girls. As a Miami based wedding photographer I always get asked by brides whats important for a wedding. I always say everything. Lately Iv’e been seeing the most stunning letterpress Invitations from Miami brides. Letterpress Girls  located in the South Miami area has been printing professional mind-blowing wedding Invitations for quit a while now. There are many types of Miami wedding Invitation styles you can do letterpress which has been super popular lately, with so many materials to pick from today. Again Letterpress Girls Create stunning work and the turnaround is super quick. Local Miami wedding photographer or or not when capturing wedding day photos the Invites are always a must. if you’re needing a rush service just touch base with them I’ve noticed hands-on they go the extra mile. Wedding photography today has so much things to capture but letterpress cards and Invites are always just so beautiful. Miami wedding Invitations of all kinds at Letterpress Girls… Goodtimes

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Berta bridal dresses have been super popular for Miami wedding  photography. The wedding industry has so many incredible bridal designers. Again Berta Bridal dresses have been so hot lately for Miami wedding photographers to capture. Always fun meeting and shooting with great wedding photographers from all of over the world. Berta wedding gowns are top 5 for brides favorite pics on wedding day. Ask any Miami wedding photographer this wedding designer is always tops on wedding day. If you are looking for a Berta bridal dress and in the Miami area swing by Chic Parisien they have them all… Below are a few New York City Fashion week runway show photography pics. I had the pleasure of shooting for Grace Ormonde wedding style magazine. Loving the black and white wedding photography old school. Miami wedding photographers. Fine art wedding photography… Goodtimes

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Miami Wedding Photography – Nikon D5: I’ve been lucky to be photographing Miami weddings and destination weddings all over the world!! The New Nikon D5 pro body is just the best…  Nikon D5 in low light is just so amazing and sharp with it’s high ISO.  As a Miami top wedding photographer I feel it’s very important to be using the best wedding photography camera gear. When it comes to Miami wedding photography Nikon d5 is a beast!!  In my Miami wedding photography workshops I always say having the best photography gear makes all the difference in the world. Having professional wedding photography gear is important but as important is knowing your gear inside out!! As a based Miami wedding photographer I have always been so happy with Nikon pro gear. I’ve been an NPS Nikon member for the longest time now and love it… Below is a cool Nikon D5 promo video showing a info and specs on New Nikon D5. Again for wedding photography i feel it’s the best… Miami wedding photographers, Fine art wedding photography… Goodtimes

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