Anti Social Miami Beach Club | VIP Club ORA Miami Beach | Miami Luxury Club ORA

Luxury Nightclub ORA Miami Beach: Miami Beach Nightclub ORA. Little break this week from Miami wedding photography. Had a blast photographing such a stunning Miami Beach VIP Nightclub. ORA Miami beach nightclub is located at 2000 Collins Ave Miami Beach. It was designed by Multi-Million designer Francois Frossard. His work is just mind-blowing… Only the best famous DJ’s play at VIP club ORA. When I walked into Club ORA on South Beach I was blown-away in such incredible details all over the Miami beach VIP club. Upstairs you have the famous ANTI-SOCIAL club which is remarkable in it’s own way, just stunning. With all the Nightclubs out there, it will be hard to find one with details and beauty like Club ORA Miami Beach. Enjoy a few ORA nightclub photos I took this week. Anti-Social Club Miami Beach.  ORA nightclub is where you will always find celebrities from all over the world dancing next to you!! So blessed to have photographed the wedding for one of the owners of club ORA and his beautiful wife… Miami Luxury Club ORA…  Again with a few weeks off as a Miami wedding photographer it was a fun shoot on South Beach. Goodtimes  #miamiweddingphotographer #luxuryclubora #miamiweddingphotographers #bestmiamiweddingphotographer #miamibeachclubora #vipnightclubora #luxurymiamibeachclubora #miamiluxuryclubora 

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