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Miami Wedding Photographer. A First Look on Wedding Day Photography!! Stunning Carolina and Jorge on wedding day first look photography. So many great reasons to do a first look on wedding day… When brides asked me about doing first look on wedding day photography I always say yes. Usually when it comes to the first look we have great natural lighting at least here in Miami we do and it’s always fun.  Here are a few fine art photography pics from first look on wedding day. Carolina  Wore a stunning Ines Di Santo bridal dress she looked so beautiful on her wedding day.  As a Miami-based wedding photographer if we can do a first look on wedding day it’s a beautiful thing. A lot of times I get asked from the bride for parents is it worth it doing the first look I am we say yes. Then they ask will he be as surprised when walking down the aisle and again I say yes. On wedding day it’s all about dreams coming true a couple becoming one and so special when you see those watery eyes on first looks.  the cool thing about doing first look on wedding day is it tends to calm the nerves a bit couples are more relaxed and it shows in wedding photography photographs. The best part about first  look wedding photography is that usually the first looks are done during the day with beautiful natural lighting. So that being said more beautiful pictures on wedding day. Again enjoy these special moments on wedding day when tears and emotions are flowing and it’s all about you and him and no one else love. Goodtimes

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