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Fine Art Wedding Photographer | Miami Wedding Photography

Fine Art Wedding Photography In Miami Will Never Be The Same – NIKON D850. New Nikon D850  is finally here. Whether capturing high-end Miami wedding photography jobs or destination weddings or even commercial shoots the Nikon D850 will take your work to such a high level.  As a Miami wedding photographer I can’t wait to have this Nikon D850 in my camera – bag… Fine art wedding photography at it’s best… As a Miami wedding photographer if I need higher quality images I’ll be ready. This new Nikon D850 is going to be ground breaking for fine art weddings and professional head-shot photography. Nikon D850 with commercial work is going to be amazing. Goodtimes #nikond850

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Updated Nikon D850 specs :

  • Nikon D850 has a 45.75MP full frame CMOS sensor.
  • Nikon D850 will have same Autofocus system as in Nikon D5
  • The D850 is expected to be better at low and high ISO compared to Canon full frame DSLR cameras and also better than the D810
  • SnapBridge on Nikon D850 will be improved
  • Continuous shooting speed: 7 FPS (no grip), 9FPS, when using the MB-D18a battery grip
  • 51-image buffer (14-bit raw)
  • ISO 64-25600 (native)
  • 0.75x magnification optical viewfinder–largest ever on FX
  • all AF points AF in -3EV; center point -4
  • Auto-focus-bracket mode–the camera can take up to 300 pictures, varying focus between from close-infinity. User can choose 10 levels of focus steps. Roughly 5 FPS, can be software stacked.
  • Fully-silent electronic shutter mode in live view. No mechanical movement. Can also shoot up to 30FPS for an 8MP image using the electronic shutter.
  • Very precise, small AF points. Display is 1/2 the length/width now
  • Variable sized raw: small, medium, large
  • Auto-Scene modes & improved white balance
  • Improved silent shooting mode
  • No EVF or hybrid viewfinder
  • New: Improved LiveView split-screen display
  • 3.2″, 2.36-million-dot rear touchscreen. Improved gestures
  • No low-pass filter
  • 153 point AF system, with 30% wider coverage than the D810
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • No built-in GPS
  • No Built-in Flash
  • Back illuminated buttons
  • Joystick selector
  • 8K Time-Lapse Video
  • Tiltable LCD screen just like the D750 and D500
  • New: D850 LCD screen will have twice the resolution of the D810
  • Touchscreen
  • 4K UHD Video in FX format with no crop
  • New: Slo-mo full HD 120fps video
  • The memory card slots will be the same as in the D500: one SD and one XQD
  • New: the SD slot will support UHS-II
  • New: Improved battery life
  • New Battery Pack
  • Supports wireless trigger WT-7
  • New: Lighter than the D810
  • Price will 1,000 Euros over D810
  • Nikon D850 will be displayed at PhotoPlus EXPO in October in NYC.
  • Release date rumored in late Fall.
  • Some retailers have already listed the Nikon D850 on their websites with pricing information. According to several sources, the Nikon D850 price for body will be around $3,300 in US. For the time being, Amazon is selling the Nikon D810 DSLR camera for a price around $2,796. 


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New York City Wedding Photographer | Journalistic Style Wedding Photographer | Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Miami Wedding Photography + Fashion Week. I love when local Miami brides are getting married and bring up fashion. As a Miami wedding photographer and  mixing in a little fashion photography is just awesome. I’ve been photographing fashion week in NYC and Florence, Milan italy for many years now. So anytime I can mix in fashion with wedding photography in Miami or a destination weddings is always amazing… Below are a few New York City fashion week photographs I captured for Wedding Style Magazine… I’ve learned so many little things from the fashion industry and Grace Ormonde with our long conversations over dinners all over the world. Again as a Miami wedding photographer it’s always a nice change to add a little fashion in your engagement and wedding shoots… Fine art wedding photographermiami-wedding-photographer


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Manhattan New York Wedding Photographer

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Miami Wedding Photographer | Fine Art Wedding Photography

MIAMI WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER + STOPPING TIME. Miami Photojournalism Style Photographer.  It’s all about stopping-time!! Photographing local Miami or destination weddings I always focus on stopping-time. Love Capturing Miami weddings in a very journalistic style wedding photography.  Photojournalism style photography has been around for a very long time. Capturing Miami weddings in a very natural artistic style yet being a fly on the wall. As a Miami photojournalistic style wedding photographer there’s nothing like waiting for that moment that very special moment wedding

In local Miami weddings there’s always the outdoors when the weather is beautiful and then there’s also the indoor weddings that can be captured in many beautiful ways.  It’s always awesome when the Miami brides or the bride’s parents ask where were you when you captured this I didn’t see you? Not all local Miami wedding photographers know how or care to photograph weddings in a very natural photojournalistic style.  Below are a few black-and-white timeless wedding photographs I captured during a past Miami Four Seasons Hotel wedding. Major congrats to the beautiful Hannah and Michael in their Miami Four Season wedding… Goodtimesmiami-wedding-photographyMIAMI WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, MIAMI WEDDING PHOmiami-wedding-photographyMIAMI WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, MIAMI WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY, MIAMI WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS


Miami Black and White Printing Service | Miami Custom Printing Service

Miami True Black and White Printing Service here at  AGR Fine Art Printing. As a locally based Miami Fine Art Wedding Photographer for the last 15 years, I’ve always been interested in the finishing touch…the Print. For this reason, my studio will provide FINE ART PRINTING SERVICE. No color cast on your images, true black and white prints… Miami black and white printing. We offer the most accurate color and black & white Fine Art Printing service, Located in the Miami, FL.  AGR Fine Art Printing Service in Miami. If you’re a Miami wedding photographer looking for stunning prints with fast service call AGR fine art printing. Miami Custom Printing ServiceMiami Black and White Printing Service.

Bring your images to me, and I will turn your memories into art.

Quality is always my first priority; that is why I print on Fine Art Fiber Base Paper.

Available Sizes Fine Art Prints:    5 x 7,   8 x 10,   11 x 14,   16 x 20,   20 x 20,   20 x 24,   20 x 30,   24 x 30 With a unique feel of an artistic paper of centuries past, along with an outstanding color gamut,  Platine is a paper that is exceptional for both color and black and white printmaking. Favorite fine art paper by pros…    “Stunning black and white prints”

miami-true-black-and-white-printing-service    Miami Custom Printing Service

  • Platine Fibre Paper
  • 100% cotton fibre
  • Image Permanence: 200 years Color / 400 years B&W (when used with Epson HD and Epson HDX Ink)
  • 17 mil / 432 Mu caliper
  • Acid and lignin free / pH buffered
  • No Optical Brightening Agents
  • Smooth surface / Satin finish

Miami Custom Printing Service

Fiber Fine Art Paper:

Replicating the appearance and feel of a traditional F-surface darkroom paper, Fiber Paper aims to provide users with a beautiful soft gloss finish for their digital prints. A fiber base offers a professional feel with a weight. Fiber Paper is a breakthrough paper, designed exclusively for use with Epson’s UltraChrome K3 ink and was developed in collaboration with many of the industry’s leading professional photographers to ensure it meets their most discerning requirements. Many who have contributed to the development of Fiber Paper have commented that it not only reminds them of revered silver halide papers but also offers greater creative control due to extraordinary D-Max and tonal transition in B&W and the ability to print extraordinary color with the same paper, something that was not possible to do with traditional fiber based papers. Miami custom printing.

  • Fiber Photo Paper Base
  • Acid & Lignin Free
  • Extremely High D-Max and Wide Color Gamut Rich Stunning Black & White Prints
  • 325 gram / meter 2 and 13 mil
  • Micro Porous Smooth Gloss (F-Type) Surface
  • Look and feel of traditional darkroom paper
  • Smooth ECF Bleached Chemically with minimal OBAs
  • UltraChrome HD Color /  UltraChrome HD B&W inks