Tiffany & Co. Merrick Park Coral Gables + Wedding Photography

Tiffany & Co. Coral Gables Merrick Park: When a local Miami bride to be receives a Tiffany blue box it can only mean one thing??  Miami Wedding photographer time!! Just kidding, lol… Their engaged!! Tiffany & Co. has been designing famous diamond engagement rings for the longest time now. Tiffany and Co.has been around since 1837. Being a fine art wedding photographer here in Miami many of my brides always have a Tiffany engagement ring.As a celerity wedding photographer located in Miami most of my brides have a piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s!! Tiffany and Co. Merrick Park. Loving Tiffany’s new CT60 watch. We are so lucky that we have a few stunning Miami, Coral Gables famous Tiffany jewelry stores to shop at. Tiffany’s Miami engagement rings are just so stunning. If you ever are in the area of a world famous Tiffany and Co. jewelry store stop by and just look around stunning is all I can say… Their workmanship is just the best. Shops at Merrick Park has a beautiful Tiffany & Co. Also Bal Harbour shops has a store also. The nice thing about the Merrick Park Tiffany store is that you have so many great restaurants to choose from when your done shopping. I will be flying out soon to capture this beautiful unboxing surprise. Tiffany & Co. Merrick Park Coral Gables Fl. Fine art wedding photography… Goodtimes


Tiffany & Co. Located in Merrick Park Coral Gables

The most famous little jewelry box in the world!!  Tiffany & Co.

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