What a blast I had with Angela & Rafael in New York City a couple of weeks ago…
Rainy but fun! This is part 1 of 2 shoots the next one is coming very soon.
Angela and Rafael’s beautiful Florida wedding was locked in months ago at my studio.
Rafael and I have something major in common New York Yankees ha lol…
Major League Baseball written all over this Miami wedding…
So blessed to be their wedding photographer it’s going to be a blast!!
Here are some shots from their New York shoot enjoy…
Can’t wait to photograph their Miami wedding later this year…

  • Angela Marcello

    Ray! Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! Thank you for capturing this special time in our lives! You are so fun and amazing to work with and we are so lucky to have found you!

  • Audra

    OMG! These pictures are so beautiful! I can not wait to see more! I am so looking forward to the wedding! Ray! You are awesome!

  • Lara

    Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures!!!!

  • Melissa

    Ray – you captured Angela and Rafa beautifully!! These are great photos – their beauty and love for one another shine.

  • Matt and Sharon Deane

    Hi Ray,
    The pictures are lovely and bring a smile to our face. Thank-you for helping to make this a special time for Rafa and Angela. These pictures show the love the two have for each other. I cannot wait to meet you at the wedding. Angela’s Mom and Step-Dad Matt.

  • dude! You rocked it, I love this engagement session!

  • So beautiful! Love these Ray!

  • DUDE! that is why you are the man! these are incredible brother. great work as always!

  • Kenny Kim

    Great job on the session Ray. Gorgeous looking couple!

  • Jesus Perrotta

    Ray that is an awesome pic!!! Love the lighting. You are one talented S-O-B!!!

  • This was such a blast to do, al over New York city…
    Thank you so much… Goodtimes